1- About Us.

Vuga is an online music platform that specializes in characterizing African music while also giving users online a chance to play/listen to music based on its hand picked Characteristics, Tags and Computer generated algorithms.

On Vuga Online Radio, users can do two things:

– Listeners can create user accounts and listen to songs by artiste, genre or mood (tags), stream it in a legal, radio-style manner created from a crafted playlist by Vuga or whatever playlist the user desires. Or

– Register as a CMP (Certified Music Professional) after being approved by VUGA. To apply as a CMP click HERE and take the CMP test.

We at Vuga believe in the diversity and globalization of music, while also having an outlook towards the future connectivity of Pan African music. We believe the future of music is “smart music” and we intend on creating a Musical DNA to every professional and semi-professional African song. There are a lot of rich traditional/cultural and interesting songs that come out of the black continent and we intend on creating an avenue for users to input and discover something new, something old and something interesting.
About our Name

The name Vuga originates from a mythological folk tales from the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria, Rivers state. Vuga was a warrior responsible for protecting his kingdom and his land, before he went to battle he would conjure the spirits by singing his ancestral songs, this in turn helped protect and guide during his battles which he always came out victorious. We hope through the story and mythology we can help individuals experience a sense of discovery by listening to our rich cultural melodies.

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